Some FREE Advice

Whilst you'll need our EXPERT LEGAL TEAM to get your TIMESHARE DEEDS CANCELLED, here is some FREE ADVICE for all  TIMESHARE CUSTOMERS who are thinking of using our service.



BEWARE if you see a service which states that their service is FREE.  The company would not be in existence if they did not charge anything



No service is 100% guaranteed!


Our service is not for everyone, and it's not FREE

Our service is not FREE and we cannot guarantee we can help everyone.  If we can help however, we will, with your permission to relieve you of your  TIMESHARE BURDEN.


TSEDS OFFERS offers a GENUINE  and  TRANSPARENT SERVICE without any hidden catches.  We have managed to help over 90% of the people who have contacted us!



Whilst it is possible, it can take longer.  Avoid services which guarantee they can give you a solution in 2 weeks.


Our service takes, on average, 60 days

Our services can take 60 days, but often it is much quicker.  Our quickest to date is 72 hours, our longest has been 6 months.


Always pay your MAINTENANCE FEES

Beware of websites or services which advise you that not paying your MAINTENANCE FEES is a way to DISPOSE OF YOUR TIMESHARE COMMITMENTS.  In the current economic climate, many TIMESHARE COMPANIES are passing defaulters onto debt collection agencies.

If the debt collection agency cannot recover the debt, it may lead to a bad credit rating and county court judgements (CCJs).


Additional considerations

 You should give greater consideration when attempting to sell, rent or dispose of your timeshare. Remember if something sounds to good to be true  it probably is.



You have to be realistic when looking to SELL YOUR TIMESHARE.  The truth is, even in a buoyant market, you would not get the same return on your  INVESTMENT.  TIMESHARE IS NOT THE INVESTMENT you were probably sold and the majority of buyers know this to be the case.

Because of the current economic crisis and the fact MAINTENANCE CHARGES have risen dramatically, the TIMESHARE RESALE MARKET is saturated. This has led to an obvious decrease in the resale value of HOLIDAY OWNERSHIP.

What may have cost you between £10,000 and £15,000 is now probably a negative equity with the additional burden of yearly MAINTENANCE COSTS.



This is a good way to make money go towards your MAINTENANCE CHARGES although it is usually quite difficult to cover the full charge.

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